Pair of Matching Nightstands SOLD


I think my Car must have another “Recall” on it!

I am beginning to think my Toyota must have another recall on it that the company has failed to announce to the public.  You see my car has this problem that when I am driving down the road minding my own business on my way to another destination and the car sees an “Estate Sale”, “Garage Sale” or “Moving Sale” sign the car accelerates until it is parked in front of the address and then I am mysteriously ejected from the seat and thrown in amidst all of the awesome treasures.  The one major problem with this malfunction in my car is that once this occurs I have to call someone else aka “Gary” to come and pick up my “Treasures” aka “Eggs” since my car refuses to have the room to deliver them to our Home aka “Nes”!

I just find it very hard to believe that I am the only person that is experiencing this type of “Car Issue”.    I am almost convinced that the next vehicle this “Birdie” purchases needs to be possibly a van,  SUV, U-Haul or maybe even a Semi Trailer.

Well some things never change and I think Gary is now convinced that this “Birdie” is never going to change and because of this I will have many, many, many, many treasures aka “Eggs” for sale at the “FALL JUNK FEST AT THE NEST”, Saturday, September 10, 2011, from 9am to 4pm.