A Nifty Gift for the Seamstress in Your Life (Sold)!





Robyn’s Nest items are likened to a Robin’s Egg

The other day as I was seriously studying some new “Eggs” for my booth at the Expo,  a wonderful lady, I have recently had the privilege to meet, stated “When I was a small child I was always told that no 2 Robin’s eggs are identical”  and she likened that to my creations.   That wonderful lady, which I will leave anonymous at this time,  truly pinpointed what I do.  The “Eggs” that I sell are one of a kind.   I may be able to create something that is very similar; however, it will never be exactly like the first one.  I truly enjoy what I do and after each project I have to step back and make sure that  the new “Egg” meets this bird’s  critiquing,  and then come to the realization that it now must be sold!  That is the hard part!  Well, I guess the photo of each “Egg” that I take before and after completion will have to be enough for me, since the “Nest” is overflowing.  Gotta Fly